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Shenzhen HHP Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional LED lighting fixture manufacturer, is a set of "research", "development", "production", "sales" in one of modern enterprises. Our products are widely used in office lighting, commercial lighting, and other fields, the company was founded in 2010, has more than 1,000 square meters of new plant and supporting facilities, and has a considerable size of the reserves of raw materials, raw materials can withstand the current volatile market, more will enable customers to choose our success and glory.
The company has formal production lines, with professional engineering and technical personnel, has extensive production experience and innovative research and development capabilities, ahead of peers, to develop and manufacture all kinds of LED lighting products for customers
The company based on domestic and overseas look broad vision, we have built a fully functional LED ancillary products, open up a business tour overseas sales network, dedicated to provide customers with quality services. Continuous improvement and innovation of production processes, strengthen enterprise management, and strive to provide customers with high quality products. Fine withered Mayans, innovation, excellence, integrity and honesty is my factory business philosophy; force a trade brand, to become the industry pioneer in the development of our company is the driving force and tireless pursuit. The company can design, processing, production and processing according to samples, drawings or ideas provided by the customer.
The company has exported various countries in South America, Europe, Asia, the export of products in strict accordance with national standards of production, "customer satisfaction" for the purpose, "first-class products" as the goal for domestic and foreign customers to provide more satisfactory products and services.

Sale Advantage:
Aftermarket is our guarantee of long-term survival of the industry and establish a brand, product quality assured, strong after-sales service team and management to ensure customer peace of mind.

Company Mission:
Promote energy saving society, increase energy efficiency, create profits for enterprises.

Business philosophy:
Inf, we forge ahead; authentic good pay, we aim to Green Globe; industry equal pay, fine, we do is quality; humanitarian reward honesty, our principles of life; equal pay, the letter is our business philosophy.







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